About Me

I have been a christian spiritualist for 44 years, spiritualism gave me the answers I was seeking at the time, as I have always been able to sense spirit, and could not make sense of what I was seeing and sensing at the time, and at times it was frightening spiritualism helped me make sense of it all, and helped me to control what was happening to me, mediums were telling me from the platform, that I could become a healer and medium, so in 1978 I started training to become a healer, from 1978 – 1980 I sat in 3 spiritual development circles to develop my mediumship and trance mediumship, during the latter part of 1982 my spirit guides were telling me, they wanted me to serve them on platform in spiritualist churches.

I did not at the time feel I was ready to serve spirit on platform, so I kept denying my spirit guides requests to serve them on platform, my spirit guides kept nagging me to the point it became intense, in the end I threw my hands up in the air and said, ” OK I WILL SERVE YOU ON PLATFORM, IF I FALL FLAT ON MY FACE AND MAKE A FOOL OF MYSELF, IT IS YOUR FAULT” I wrote to my circle leader Berenice Watts, to ask permission to serve spirit on the platform, to my complete suprise and joy she granted me permission to serve spirit, on the platform spiritualist church circuit.

On 05/01/1983 I did my first demonstration of mediumship at Slough Spiritualist Church, it went very well encouraged by this I wrote to churches, and asked them if I could serve them on their platforms, some of them gave me the opportunity to demonstrate mediumship, and thankfully they recommended me to other churches, cutting a long story short I have been serving spirit demonstrating mediumship, in spiritualist churches for the past 39 years, also working as a spiritual healer privately, and teaching in spiritual development circles. 

I now live near Winchester, Hampshire, UK, my wife Veronica and I have opened our home to spirit, for the purpose of doing private readings, spiritual healing, spiritual development, and trance demonstrations, I also will do online readings on request, I hope to hear from you soon, thankyou for reading.