Private Reading

Private Reading connecting you with spirit for 30 – 45 mins approx


Group Reading

Connecting groups of up to 10 people with spirit 15 – 20 mins per reading


Online Reading

Connecting you with spirit facebook video messaging For approx. 30-45 mins


Phone Reading

Connecting you with spirit via phone for 30 – 45 mins approx


Trance Reading

Connecting you with loved ones and spirit guides 1 hour plus


Spiritual Development

Develop your gifts and yourself to serve spirit and be the best you can be within enhancing your life for the better £5.00 PP


Spiritual Guidance

Need advice on your spiritual development or pathway, 1 hour session


Spiritual Trance Healing

Healing energy channelled to you from the source ( God ) via healing guides and Stephen Rowlands Donation Only Please


An Introduction To Spiritual Development Workshop

Meditation, Connect To Spirit Guides, Working With Energy, Understanding Vibration. Approx 4 hrs £20.00 PP


 Tel – 07717495308 – 01962 715281

Email –

Spirit Divine – Facebook

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