Messenger -Ebook By Stephen Rowlands

Spirit have been nagging me to write a book, today 12/08/20 I published my first Ebook on Amazon Kindle, it is a book about my early years in spiritualism, a brief biography and poetry about my life and realisations.

37 Years Of Platform Mediumship 05/01/1983 – 05/01/2020 Demo At Eastleigh Spiritualist Church

Today is a milestone for me as 37 years ago today, 05/01/1983 I first stepped onto the platform at Slough Spiritualist Church, to give my first public demonstration of mediumship, it will not mean anything to anyone else but it means alot to me, throughout the highs and lows of my life spirit has always been true to me, and the truth within my heart that I am a healer and medium for spirit, my truth has kept me buoyant throughout the toughest times of my life, and has guided me back to my purpose and reason for being, so tonight 05/01/20 I am serving spirit at Eastleigh Spiritualist Church.

In 1983 at 23 years old I did not ever think I would get 37 years of service to spirit under my belt, as I thought I would fall flat on my face as I was not confident within myself or my spiritual gifts, I think at the time my critics were right I was to young to serve spirit, as I had no life experience but I was not speaking from my own life experiences, I was speaking the words of spirit my life experience did not matter, but as a young man there were many things I needed to experience, and in that way I was far to young to commit to serving spirit fully.

The last 37 years have been a rollercoaster ride of self discovery and gaining life experience, having children, marriage, divorce, girlfriends, depression, drinking to much, working very long hours as a security officer for the past 30 years, I know we mediums love to write about how wonderful and gifted we are, but life is a journey of experience and learning, and I have learned more from my mistakes than my successes, and I feel strongly we should be honest about ourselves positive and negative, for our own spiritual awareness to grow.

It took 28 years for my spiritual journey to fully return to spiritual service, the one thing I have learned above all things is humility and compassion,  and not to judge so their for the grace of god go I, tonight I wish to celebrate spirit as they have stood by me throughout all my ups and downs and pathway of learning to become my true self,  and to be quite honest without spirit I may not be here today, I celebrate spirit for all the good they have done for me personally in mind and in spirit, and many others through my mediumship, and I thank god angels and spirit for the blessing of life love and service.


Stephen Rowlands 05/01/2020